Healthy Eating For Kids

Do you feel that feeding your kid is the toughest part of parenting? Running behind them with a spoon, showing them imaginary things and bribing them. The entire process seems endless and daunting.

While teaching kids to eat healthily can be tricky, as a parent, you should encourage your munchkin to develop healthy eating habits that they will carry into adulthood.

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Tips For Moms Going Back To Work After Maternity Leave

Returning back to work with a cute little honeycomb now in life could be a tough decision to make. Questions like ‘will the baby do fine without me’, ‘whom shall I trust’, ‘would the transition be smooth’ and whatnot might pop in your head.

But once, you get the grip of this transition, you will find yourself enjoying life even more. The most important step towards this is to prep yourself emotionally that your little cupcake would do just fine without you. Secondly, ensure to make the best arrangements for him or her while you won’t be around.

Here are some tips that will help you go through this transition smoothly:

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Teaching Your Kids Discipline Without Punishing Them

Do you often have those moments where you lose all the patience because your kid just won’t listen to you?

Well, you can easily avoid such moments by teaching your kids- Discipline. 

Teaching discipline to kids can equip them to face life’s challenges in future, help them manage stress, and guide them in making healthy choices even when you’re not around.

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Tips To Care Baby Skin During Winter

Your little one’s skin is the acme of softness and perfect skin. Those chubby, rosy-red, super-smooth and dangling cheeks make everyone go ‘aww.’

But winters can be tough on the delicate skin of your munchkins. In winter, the humidity level in the atmosphere drops which makes the water in skin evaporate more quickly leading to a dry, tight and flaky-looking skin.

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Tips To Improve Your Kid’s Handwriting

Imagine this, You ask your little one to write what he or she wants as a Birthday present. After some time, your pumpkin comes running to you excitedly saying that the letter is written. You open it to find out some sloppy, messy letters written here and there which are absolutely unreadable.

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DIY Christmas Ideas For Your Little Ones

Christmas is just a few days away! This year, time flew like a bird with a jetpack on its wings.

Now with so much going around the world, one thing that kept us strong was our family and friends. And, to cherish these bonds, we’ve decided to come up with craft ideas that you can create with your little ones to get them all excited and rolling.

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Healthy Soup Recipes for Babies to Relish

Winter is already here!

And, it is undoubtedly the most wonderful and fun time of the year- with snuggly blankets, steamy hot cocoa, warm socks, cosy fires, festive vibes and super-yummy food this time brings a smile on everyone’s face.

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Super-easy Tips to Swaddle your Munchkin the Right Way

A swaddled baby surely makes everyone go “awww.” With a blanket wrapped snugly around the baby’s body and just the face being visible a glimpse of this baby burrito is undoubtedly the most calming sight for everyone. But apart from making your little one look like the cutest baby burrito; swaddling helps your munchkin feel safe and secure while s/he adjusts to life outside the womb, reduces anxiety and promotes self-soothing by teaching them to sleep on their own.

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Nail Care: How To Clip Your Baby’s Nails Carefully?

Nail Care: How To Clip Your Baby’s Nails Carefully?

Wondering how to keep off your baby from scratching his and other people’s face and hands? Well, nail care is an important part of ensuring the baby’s health. Dust, pollutants or bacteria can accumulate under the nails and affect baby’s health [Read more…]

How to Teach Healthy Eating Habits to Your Little Ones

How To Teach Healthy Eating Habits To Your Little Ones

Do you have a tuff time while feeding your kids? Showing them an imaginary bird and plane at one point and making small mountains out of the food at another time, the struggle is real. For kids, it is important to eat regular meals to ensure their body gets the energy it needs to perform and grow effectively [Read more…]