10 Tricks to Stop a Toddler’s Tantrum

Before diving into tricks to stop your toddler’s tantrum, you should be able to identify what really sparks it. Though it’s normal for children between the ages of 1-4 to squeal and create havoc just because one of you said ‘NO’ to what was supposed to be the toddler’s YES, most of the time, it is your peaceful intervention that helps sort things out.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a cup of tea and read on.

  1. Be Calm

When your child starts screaming or yelling, handle them gently and don’t show you are mad at them. Be the best role model for your child. 

  1. Everyone on The Same Page

This one works great. Usually, when little ones at home use their tear weapon to get things done, grandparents give in easily. It gives a wrong clue to your child because they think that crying full-throated is the easiest way to get their hands on what they want. Make everyone at home follow one rule to discipline your child, and that a NO means only NO. 

  1. Be Consistent

Whenever your toddler finds a new reason to freak out, you remain consistent in your response. No matter where the venue is, your child should understand that unnecessary flare-ups wouldn’t work with these people.

  1. Distract

Toddlers are naive, and they have many reasons to feel happy. Why don’t you use the distraction tactic when they get stubborn with their demands? Quickly divert your child’s attention to something else he or she loves.  

  1. A BIG NO to Aggressive Behavior 

Some children hit or throw things when they are in a fit. Remove them from the situation immediately and tell them it’s OK to be angry but not OK to hit or hurt others.

  1. Specific and Short Commands

When toddlers misbehave, give them short commands like ‘Let’s bead the thread’ or Help me keep toys back on the shelf. When children are stuck in the mood, a quick task with specific instructions will help them feel better.

  1. A Firm Hug

Hugs make children feel cared for. You may wonder if it would work when they are angry. A firm hug without uttering a word can calm your child from further melting down.

  1. Help Sort out Frustration

Toddlers sometimes yell when they cannot complete a task to perfection, like wearing their shoes or picking up fruit loops using their spoon. Help them learn the skill and appreciate their achievements.

  1. Ignore

If you understand attention-seeking is the goal behind the tantrum, ignore it. Provided your child is safe ( third eye observation recommended), it’s a simple trick that always works.

  1. Clear Instructions

As parents, you should give clear instructions to your children from the beginning so that whenever they detour, you can reinforce them and get them back on track.