The Importance Of Accepting Our Children For Who They Are.

“Accept the children the way we accept trees- with gratitude because they are a blessing- but do not have expectations or desires. You don’t expect trees to change, you accept them as they are”.

Isabel Allende

What makes parents set expectations about their children? Why is it difficult for parents or family members to accept children for who they are? Past experiences, fears, societal norms, and status symbols sometimes create a stumbling block for children to live the life they want and deserve. 

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Technology As A Parenting Tool

Does a life without gadgets or technology exist in this era? We are only awaiting newer versions of devices with updated solutions for all our needs. When a new mom can place orders for her baby’s diapers online, another one arranges for online coaching for her school-going child. In less than 15 minutes, the child attends the class from the convenience of his home. When this edge did not exist, parenting was a typical responsibility where children also learned multiple skills on the go. 

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How to Help Children Handle Peer Pressure

When children start demanding the dress they want to wear for their birthdays or the bike they wish to ride, it’s pretty sure there is more than one mind working behind these opinions. Peers!!! While some can instill encouraging thoughts, some can result in a character detour that parents disapprove of. When children know when to say NO to their age group, most issues get solved even before surfacing. And when their YES triggers a string of unpleasant events, conversations between parents and children become argumentative, which would eventually tilt the equilibrium. And nobody wants it that way! In this blog, we’ll discover how children can handle peer pressure and actually not put parents under any.

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5 Parenting Mistakes That Can Make Life Harder for Your Kid

The moment a child is born, parents get an invisible boon to tie all their unrealistic expectations, ambitions, decisions, and rules to their newborn who just arrived. Is it hard for parents to only think and not overthink? Because in the course, the child grows up taking things in their stride and sometimes reacting hard to the parents’ surprise. That’s when most parents pause to think! “Did we go wrong somewhere”? Or “Why did she talk to me like that”? Quite natural in parenting, but you can avoid some mistakes that make life harder for your child.

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5 Practical Tips To Bond With Your Teenager

Do you see your teenager shun away from you for no apparent reason?  Does it bother you and lead to fits of anger that you later feel sorry about?

Well, teenage is when your child is clueless about what’s happening to them. They seem to lose control of their emotions, mostly confused and don’t share their feelings, even with their closest friends. At this point, any parent would need help to help themselves and their child who barely looks at them or talks. And so, here are five tips that can help you bond with your teenager.

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The Most Important Things Your Child Needs From You as a Parent.

Children are like saplings that need deep planting, nurturing, and pampering. Without continuous monitoring, it may fail to absorb nutrients and not grow the way we wanted or rot from the roots due to uncongenial surroundings. Children need guidance, warmth, and emotional backing from parents to bloom to their best. 

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4 Tips To Help Your Child Prepare For Preschool

Deciding when your children should start preschool is a parent’s responsibility. Based on the educational norms in your area, screen a list of schools and gather information on the curriculum, faculty, and how well you have prepared your child for learning through fun activities. Despite all preparations, children will have separation anxiety and initial settling-down issues. With a little coaxing and familiarizing, you will be able to help your child prepare for preschool. Let’s see how.

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Things You Should Never Lie to Your Children About

Often parents think it’s okay to say a seemingly harmless lie to their children once in a while. But what provokes them to tell a lie can provoke their child, at a later point in their lives is the underlying truth. A parent-child relationship is one of trust, mutual respect, and love. And telling lies can hamper the beautiful relationship for life. 

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