4 Activities Children Can Do Until School Re-opens



Summer holidays are drawing to a close. All good things in life must come to an end and so must this. Come June and it is time to go back to school.

Hope you enjoyed every moment of your holidays. What is left of your summer holidays can be put to good use by taking a moment to reflect on the highlights of the summer holidays and also by planning for the year ahead.

Moment for reflection: Were you able to do all the activities you had planned during the vacation? What was the best moment of your holidays and what was the not so good moment? You have been probably lazing about quite a bit in the summer holidays, which is perfectly fine because you have earned it by working hard all year.

But time is ripe now for you to start thinking about school and the year ahead. The intention here is not to spoil the party, but to get you in the right frame of mind and to make you actually look forward to the reopening of school.

The year ahead:  It is going to be much easier than you think to go back to school. Just think about meeting up with your friends again and making some new ones. There is so much to talk about. But be careful not to do it in the class and get into trouble with your teacher!

Announcement of results is an exciting affair and comparing your performance with that of your friends is like a roller-coaster ride – you do better than them in your favourite subjects and they in theirs. It’ll be good clean fun for all.

Personal resolutions: It is also time to take some firm decisions which you will want to implement in the new academic year. If you think you are watching too much television, promise yourself that you will be more responsible in the future. The same holds good for the time you spend online, playing games or chatting with your friends.

Try and spend more time outdoors. It will keep you fit, healthy, and active. You can also take up a hobby such as gardening. Taking up reading is highly recommended and so is learning a foreign language.

Commitment to family: Our family are our support system, who are always there for us. Are we doing enough to express our gratitude? The answer is most definitely in the affirmative. But we can always do more. Do you have an annoying habit such as placing your elbows on the dinner table, which your mother does not approve of. Well, promise yourself that you will do your best to get rid of it. You can even help your parents around the house more, help your brother or sister with homework or spend more time with your grandparents if they are living with you.

Well, we know you are all grown up and conscious of your responsibilities. We wish you all the very best for the future.