4 Acts That Can Get Your Baby Talking

4 Acts That Can Get Your Baby TalkingHave you seen young couple getting excited about talking to the baby when it’s  still inside the womb. If you found this silly, you might want to give it another thought. Experts believe that understanding language begins in the uterus and that’s why you have pregnant couples spending time talking to the big belly!  So, how do babies start talking?

A rich nourishing communicative environment can help in a baby’s speech development. How can create such an environment?

Start with talking. Continuous banter isn’t required, just spend time describing what you’re doing, pointing out to things and singing songs. Children are quick to pick up on verbal sounds, avoid baby talk or unwanted coos, give them a chance to hear you as that’s when they’ll talk.

Reading is another activity which will peak your child’s interest in words and their usage. Reading stories to them will certainly help them build vocabulary. As a preschooler, your child might even tell you the story. 

Listening: Your children will start making all kinds of sounds before words find them and when they do that you should be as responsive as you can. Children get excited when they’re being received and that’ll motivate them to keep trying and exploring new words and sounds.

Poetry: A rhyme can help words get in line! Schools start engaging children with rhymes very early. Children understand rhythm and patterns through rhymes; they understand a lot of sound-making through rhymes and helps them in speech too.