4 Amazing Ways Your Children Can Enjoy Summer Break

4 Amazing Ways Your Children Can Enjoy Summer BreakIt’s that time of the year when buttermilk & mangoes rule the dining table, when swimming classes take center stage & playing time is unlimited! Yes, children wait for summer holidays with bated breath and why shouldn’t they? After working hard for the exams your children deserve a good break. While it’s true that summer is synonymous to holiday for children, it isn’t so for the parents. So, how do you make sure your children remain busy & enjoy their summer vacation?

Here are some awesome vacation hacks:-

  1. Arrange Outdoor Activities: This is the best time to give them a break from technology. Children get hooked on to gadgets easily, so nearby treks & hikes organised by local groups will be a good way to get them to explore the outside world.
  1. Passion Explosion: Help your child identify some of their hidden interest. Learning a new language, a new sport or even an art form like dance, theatre or music. Summer break is long enough for them to explore something new and touch base with some latent interests which may become a strong passion eventually. Get their creative juices flowing!
  1. Fam-Jam: Previously summer holidays would mean visiting grandparents & cousins. This is a great time for your kids to bond with the extended family. When they go visiting give them interesting chores like making a photo journal of all the places they visit with cousins or even a travel diary. This will just add a fun twist to their visit and will get them to bond with family more.
  1. Skill building: Children nowadays are so consumed by academics and sports that life skills take a back seat. Small skills like sewing a button, basic carpentry skills, cooking simple snacks -these and more can come in handy and can be introduced to your children. It simply makes them more independent & confident.

Summer holidays carry some of the most cherished childhood memories. It’s important your children have them! Even if you can’t be around all the time, make sure there are enough avenues for your little ones to explore.