4 Best Ways To Introduce Your Kids To The Arts

4 Best Ways To Introduce Your Kids To The ArtsIt’s a demanding world and excelling in academics is no more a choice but a necessity and so parents, teachers and children focus all their energy towards getting good grades. Sports though is seen as a recreational way to keep your child fit and is encouraged to a certain extent; but the arts still finds itself sidelined.

Creativity needs to be inspired and nurtured and if children are given an opportunity to explore the arts at a young age, it can benefit them in many ways.

The arts unlike many academic subjects offers scope for alternative and critical thinking which will make children well informed and balanced individuals who’ll have a grasp of so many ideologies, concepts and schools of thought. They’ll develop the ability to create something of their own. Pursuing and celebrating one’s own creation is very fulfilling.

What can you do to make this beautiful tryst with creativity happen?

Give your children options of art classes to choose from: It could be a painting class, dance, theatre or music class. Let them choose whatever fancies them. Children are also very fickle minded, they might start with learning Bharatanatyam and then suddenly switch to learning the guitar. Fleeting from one art to the other is normal, but there will be something that stays. When they find that, give them the opportunity to explore that to their fullest potential.

Take them to art festivals: Cities are increasingly becoming hubs for artistic collaborations, interventions and exhibitions. Art and cultural festivals are great places for your child to engage with the arts. The arts are a powerful tool to influence the way we think or build perspectives and even as audience members or mere spectators, we get pulled in. Give your children the experience of watching something so powerful and that’ll spark curiosity.

Join them while they explore their creative side: Younger children expect you to be as excited about things as they are. You can take a drawing class together or sing some songs together at home. Such creative outlets can just trigger something in your children which may get them to think “this is nice, I want to know more about this”. Plus, who knows you might find something for yourself in such activities!

Encourage them to pursue the arts with discipline: The arts is generally perceived to be casual or volatile, but artists who’ve mastered their craft are true testaments of discipline and determination. Encourage your child to pursue the arts with interest and not just treat it as a filler during the day. They don’t need to make it a profession but if they’re curious enough and they work at it, it could just make them more mature, well-rounded and confident individuals.