4 Easy Tricks To Soothe Your Crying Baby

4 Easy Tricks To Soothe Your Crying BabySoothing a baby is no easy task and you would know this only if you’re a mother. And not any mother, only new young mothers. Generally when there’s a crying baby not only people who don’t have children jump in with advice, but even people who were once upon a time young parents offer you a range of advise-all of which don’t help much when your baby is balling its lungs out!

So here are a few simple baby soothing techniques for you and your partner!

Swaddle-A warm tight wrap around the arms and a flexible, loose one around the hips will give your little one hardly any scope to move and that will keep it calm. Make sure you use wraps which are comfortable and don’t overheat your baby’s body. Swaddling also gives your baby an environment similar to the womb which appeases it easily. Again swaddle only when needed -during sleep time or fussing.

Slow rocking or swinging: Swinging or slow rocking creates a similar movement experienced by the baby when the mother carried it in the womb. Slow rocking will help you keep the baby calm and if the crying is too hard you can try slightly rapid swinging. But do be careful about giving your baby’s head adequate support. Don’t get too carried away with the speed of swinging or rocking..!

Hold On Stomach: Ensure your baby rests on its stomach and not the back, it makes it restless. Hold your little one its stomach and head over one of your shoulders and this will instantly calm your baby down.

And of course, the good old sucking to sleep concept. Allow your baby to suck a pacifier, finger, a breast or even a bottle. This sucking movement calms them down and they easily ward off to sleep. The pacifier is the best device you can use, once your baby gets used to it, it can be your go-to device.

Most important things are whatever happens you stay calm. remember whatever people say, it’s your baby and you know best!