4 Fun Tasks That Will Keep Your 3-year-old Busy and You, Entertained!

4 Fun Tasks That Will Keep Your 3-year-old Busy and You, Entertained!If there was a list of the ‘Toughest Jobs On Planet Earth’, keeping a 3-year-old busy would definitely rank in the top 10. The amount of energy these toddlers exude can be quite exhausting to let out or contain. What are the tasks that help balance such high energy levels?

  1. Start by making a schedule: Right from the time you’re little one wakes up till the time he/she sleeps, have everything planned. This will help you accommodate your own schedule accordingly. So if you exclude the routine activities of brushing, eating, bathing, sleeping, you left with just around 5 hours of the day. Make a plan for those 5 hours and especially for the time after the afternoon nap, as they wake up fresh and energetic, ready for more.
  2. Books, puzzles & drawing: This is the best age to introduce storybooks and other picture books to your child. The first half of the day is best for this as that’s when they are really fresh and ready to start the day. Drawing or colouring is one of the best outlets for a 3-year-old. It occupies them mentally and physically, and it’s something which they can do on their own.
  3. Household chores: if you’re a mom who wants to start training kids early; this could be the best time! Simple things like folding the clothes, arranging the table for dinner(make sure they carry light material) or arranging toys will keep them busy and will be a great lesson for them too. Children will learn to value things better and will always lend a helping hand.
  4. Get the feet tapping!: Dancing -another big energy outlet! Play their favourite tunes and cheer for them while they explore new things with their tiny bodies. Bending rolling jumping etc and you could join them too! Dancing also makes kids snap out of a cranky mood and helps them express.

3-year-old can be demanding, but they sure are entertaining too! Give these tasks and go and you’ll see!