4 Mindful Hacks For Raising Twins

4 Mindful Hacks For Raising TwinsTwins can be a handful, literally & metaphorically. But here are some useful hacks which will make it easy for the parents without compromising on the unique bond that twins share.

Here are top 4 hacks that keep the parents’ sanity and the twins’ unity.

  1. Maintain The Same Schedule For Both: Right from breastfeeding to putting them to sleep. Create and sustain identical schedules for the twins. Breastfeeding them simultaneously helps a great deal. Once they outgrow it, the mother can breastfeed one while the other one is being bottle fed (at the same time) by the father, granny or nanny or anyone else. If both are fed at the same time, both sleep and wake up at the same time, both play at the same time . This way they end up doing everything together.
  2. Your Rest Will Make Everything The Best: Twins do take up double the time and energy and so it’s obvious a mother of twins will need double the rest. So make the most of every opportunity you get. The best time, of course, is when the twins are asleep, but apart from that, you can ask your partner to pitch in and take care of them when they’re playing. When both parents partake in child rearing their relationship will blossom and the twins too will love the quality time together.
  3. Encourage Your Twins To Embrace Their Unique Bond: There’s absolutely no need to buy 2 sets of everything for your twins, as is the popular practice. Instead, buying one set of everything will encourage your twins to share with each other, thus giving them an opportunity to build their relationship more.
  4. Heighten Their Sense Of Individuality: You may have twins, but don’t forget that they are individuals too. Even as you encourage them to bond at every stage, don’t overlook their individual likes & dislikes. They might look identical but their thoughts & preferences about things might differ; they are 2 distinct beings with different DNA. You might notice differences as they grow up and you must encourage them. In fact, these differences will only get them closer!