5 Basic Tips On How To Care For Your Baby’s Teeth

5 Basic Tips On How To Care For Your Baby’s TeethWith so many diapers to change and the lack of sleep, parents often ignore dental health of their baby. Here are a few things you need to know about caring for your child’s teeth. Did you know that babies are born with teeth? Approximately 20 teeth are already formed and hidden in the jawbone. Now you know dental care for your child starts quite early on.

  1. Teething Trouble?: teeth start to appear as early as 4 months. This growth comes at a price! Yes, teething is the baby’s reaction to the growth of teeth- not to mention drooling, irritability, sometimes even a low fever and loose stools. Something cold and heard can relieve teething discomfort, like a frozen banana or a bagel.
  1. Preventing Cavities:  3 things you can do to keep cavities at bay:-Don’t share your utensils with your baby, Brush their teeth at least twice a day using a portion of Fluoride toothpaste as small as a grain. And finally, monitor eating habits- Eating 5 times a day is enough (3 meals 2 snacks)-For toddlers who are dealing with pain due to the back molars coming out,   use something flavoured, they won’t mind the brushing then.
  1. Visit Dentist On The Complete Appearance of First Tooth: the first tooth is always a good sign but it also marks the beginning of potential cavities. So a dentist visit at this crucial time will just let you know what you can expect ahead.
  1. Keep The Mouth Clean: Cavity causing bacteria often travels through saliva. Make sure the pacifier is always clean.
  1. Skip Sugary Drinks and Try Water with Fluoride: This combo reduces cavities by 25%. Plus it does not increase weight like the other sugary drinks.

Follow these 5 basic tips and your child will wear that very happy toothy smile even before you know it!