5 Dry Fruits That Will Keep Your Child In Good Healthy This Winter

5 Dry Fruits That Will Keep Your Child  In Good Healthy This WinterThe cold winter winds are blowing and if you’re not careful, you’ll be getting your kids to blow their noses! Cold, sore throat, dry cough, the flu and in worst cases pneumonia! A harsh winter along with our cities’ pollution, can result in serious health conditions and apart from the usual things you do to keep them warm and safe, in terms of food, clothes and general exposure to the outside, there’s something more you can do which will not just help your kids brave the cold but will enhance their overall health. Introduce them to dry fruits!

It’s no secret that dry fruits are small gems of long lasting health and they’ll make a great addition to anyone’s diet. But of course for many, they’re an acquired taste and if your little one is the fussy type, you’ll have to go the extra mile. 

Here we share 5 dry fruits which will make a good addition to your child’s diet and some secret recipes which may make this dry fruit venture a little more attractive.

  1. Almonds: They don’t call it the King of Dry Fruits for nothing. Rich in essential fatty acids, protein and fibre, almonds improve blood circulation and hemoglobin levels and regulate cholesterol levels too. The protein in almonds helps in optimum growth of the child and brain development. The best part about almonds are they’re quite filling and so your kids will avoid unnecessary or unhealthy snacking. Generally almonds are liked by most children but just in case you want to avoid any long arguments try the traditional badam milk. Warm badam milk at night garnished with saffron will be tough to resist!
  2. Walnuts: The best nuts you can give your children during winter, walnuts are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamins B1, B2 and B6 and a whole lot of immunity building elements like calcium, iron, phosphorus and others. These miniscule brain shaped nuts are to improve brain development and promote sleep. Walnut ladoos (made using walnuts, poha/beaten rice,dates, cardamom powder and ghee) can make walnuts your child’s favourite dry fruit.
  3. Raisins: The most loved dry fruit among kids. So much so, that they are filtered out from any dish that has them. The best alternative to candies, raisins contain natural sugar and help in strengthening bones. So the next time your children crave something sweet, hand them a couple of raisins. Raisins also help treat constipation in kids. 
  4. Cashew: A natural moisturiser, cashew, helps in hydrating the skin and thus prevents dryness. Apart from being great winter buddies, cashews are great for overall health too. They regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Apart from luring your kids towards cashews though sweet delights like payasam/kheer, you can add them to their favorite pulao
  5. Dates: A date with Dates a day will keep the doctor away! This mediterrnean dry fruit is a must add to your child’s winter diet. Rich in natural sugar and vitamins, dates promote respiratory health, and help fight diarrhoea and indigestion. Most kids take to Dates easily essentially because of the sweet quotient, but if yours doesn’t warm up to them easily, you can try Stuffed Dates. Basically, stuff them up with peanut butter and pomegranates, or anything stuffing you think your kids will enjoy. Dates make for a healthy sweet snack!