5 Easy-To-Make, Nutritious Baby Food Recipes

5 Easy-To-Make, Nutritious Baby Food RecipesEvery new mother sleeps and wakes up with only one thing in mind-what else do I give my baby to eat. The first 6-12 months are crucial and build the foundation for your baby’s growth & development. Well, that doesn’t mean you must spend sleepless nights thinking about how to appease your little one the next day. Here are some delicious purees that your baby cannot refuse!

  1. High in fibre & water, mashed papaya puree prevents constipation and is a great option for a 7-8 month baby. Peel and de-seed a broad slice of papaya, dice into small cubes, mash it with a fork and make a semi-solid paste. Add milk to make it softer to swallow. Steam the papaya cubes to enable easier digestion. PS: Avoid this recipe if your baby is allergic to latex. if so, opt for a ripened papaya which is low on latex.
  2. Continuing with papaya, a papaya peach yogurt is another yummy recipe you can try out. De-seed a slice of papaya and an entire peach, you mash them and blend them in a mixer. Add plain yoghurt & mix well and serve it at room temperature. See your baby’s face light up!
  3. One of the most popular purees, carrot puree is always a mother’s favourite. Wash & peel a carrot and dice into pieces. boil/steam the carrot and blend until it is smooth & lump-free! Then just serve. Apart from being good for the eyes, carrots contain baro-carotene which turns into Vitamin A in the body. This is undoubtedly the healthiest of all purees.
  4. Want to try something unique? Give the sugar-free applesauce a try. Mildly sweet, rich in fibre and Vitamin C, this makes for a tasty recipe but should be strictly avoided if your baby is prone to constipation. Peel, slice, chop finely & de-seed an apple. Boil the chopped apple in a saucepan with a half a glass of water and reduce the flame in a bit. Cover and simmer for roughly 10-15 minutes until the pieces get tender. Avoid overcooking as it could become watery and tasteless. Remove the bigger chunks and mash them; to reduce the thickness of the puree you can add some more water. Sprinkle some cinnamon powder and serve warm or cold (if the baby is teething).
  5. Sweet potato is another delicious option for your sweet little baby. Wash and peel a medium-sized potato, boil/steam, puree or mash in a blender and add water for consistency. Serve your little one!

These recipes are not only easy on time but also ensure a nutritious and tasty meal for your little one!