5 Fun Home Based Activities for Your Kids


20thAre you racking your brains on how to keep your kids entertained during this enforced school break? With outings to the local park, playground, malls etc also out of the question, it is necessary to look at options to keep them entertained either  inside the house or in the garden. Here are 5 activities you can engage them in to keep them occupied and happy.

Indoor Games – There are so many games kids can play indoors like:

  • Board Games – Pictionary, Scrabble, Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, etc.
  • Building Block sets from numerous companies (for the little ones)
  • Puzzles – of varying complexity depending on their age
  • Group Games – Dumb Charades, freehand Pictionary, Treasure Hunt, Twenty Questions, Hide and Seek, etc

Arts and Craft

Encourage creativity with arts and crafts projects for young makers, use numerous items you have lying around at home like leftover chart paper, paper plates/cups/straws, empty plastic bottles, empty juice cartons, colorful gift wrappers/streamers/ribbons, craft sticks…. the list is endless. Hand them over to your kids along with a few ideas and watch them enjoy themselves for hours on end creating various innovative objects and works of art.

Stage a Play

It’s a great idea to have your kids stage a short play (based on any story from their books) or a dance performance. Make it more interesting by getting them to create their own props from the materials you have given them. Any old curtains, bedsheets, tablecloths, etc can also be used as props.


Some physical activity clubbed with fun is what we suggest next. Help your kids set up the tent in the garden (if you don’t have one an old bed sheet will do just as well since there are usually no rains this time of the year). As an activity get them to collect differently shaped leaves and flowers from the garden and stick them in a scrapbook. Help them look up interesting facts about their collection to write alongside. Helping you water the plants is also a great activity for the kids, if they are old enough they can also help you with the gardening. Even just sitting and listening to the night time sounds of insects is an experience that kids would enjoy. So go ahead and get your kids to connect more with nature.


Kids love baking,  I am sure you will agree! They also love their cakes, brownies, cookies, cupcakes…..yes the list is endless. So why don’t you get your kids to help you make their favorite sweet treats? Helping you stir the batter, scooping the batter onto the baking tray, decorating, etc are all safe options while keeping them away from the hot oven.

Getting your kids started on these activities will not only save them from boredom but also get them to bond more with the family. So go ahead and make the most of these moments.