5 Health Drinks Your Kids Just Won’t Be Able To Put Down!

5 Health Drinks Your Kids Just Won’t Be Able To Put Down!Tired of reluctantly handing over aerated & packed drinks to your thirsty kids? How about some natural, health drinks that are yummy, and will satisfy their tummy!

Cool Coconut Drink: The perfect summer drink-coconut water is rich in vitamin C & calcium. Rich in dietary fibre this drink is energising & refreshing at the same time. PS: This might be higher on the calorie scale but it’s biggest plus point is that it’s totally natural and sans any preservatives.

  1. Finding it hard to get your kids to eat carrots? Why not try making them drink it? Blend it with pear & orange, and it will be irresistible. Carrot is one of the best antioxidants, pear keeps cholesterol levels and oranges are rich in vitamin C. So go on and give your little ones this delightful mix.
  2. Greens again get kids cringing, but have you thought of giving spinach a strawberry twist? Spinach, kale, and a cup of strawberries with a lemony twang &  a dash of honey & mint leaves can make your kids love green instantly and not the just the colour but the taste too! High in fibre, zero fat & low in calories.
  3. If your kids love them blueberries, try and go in for something healthier than blueberry ice cream. This next drink is made of blueberries, kale, carrots, lemon juice & collard greens. The blueberry’s blue will cover up for the green so your kids won’t be fussing around, and once they get a taste they’ll be far away from giving it up!
  4. Last but not least, a nice big cold glass of badam milk can instantly turn those frowns upside down. Low in calories & sugar & high in vitamins & calcium, badam milk/almond milk makes milk taste yum & gives your kids that extra energy with the almond boost!