4 Insights On Teaching Your Toddler Cycling

5 Insights On Teaching Your Toddler CyclingTeaching your toddler how to ride a cycle is an experience you’ll always cherish. Right from buying the cycle to watching your kid ride it, it’s really fulfilling and gives you a great chance to bond with your little one.

Here are 4 things you need to keep in mind while teaching your kiddo to ride the cycle:

-Buying the right cycle: To ensure a safe & pleasurable ride for your child you can look for a lighter cycle which doesn’t need too much leg power to propel, has wheels likely of 14-16 inches so that your child’s feet touch the ground while sitting. For better learning opt for one which stops on pedaling backward, else children just tend to fiddle with handbrakes and lose focus on learning.

-Practice Ground: An open space which doesn’t see too much vehicle traffic is the best place. A flat & leveled playing ground or an empty parking lot also work. Stay away from narrow sidewalks alongside busy streets. It could make children nervous.

-The Takeoff-rest your hand on the seat or at the back of your kid’s neck. Once the child has balanced, get him/her to start pedaling. Make sure the child looks straight and not at the ground, it will help steer straight and if at all there’s a tumble, console and encourage them to go on.

-Starting Solo: Once the child starts riding it’s important to teach him/her to begin solo. Remember, the starting was triggered by you, now once the child is comfortable with the cycle, it’s time to get ready for the starting position. One pedal is up and slightly forward, this will help the child to stomp down at this pedal and start moving forward.

These above steps will surely make this learning experience a joy ride for both of you!

Ride on!