5 Interesting Ways To Keep Your Kids Hydrated This Summer

5 Interesting Ways To Keep Your Kids Hydrated This Summer With temperatures soaring & reports of heat waves making headlines, there has been a significant emphasis on keeping oneself hydrated. In fact, there are apps that remind you to drink water every half an hour and also that set a target for you every day and tell you if you’ve achieved that target at the end of the day. So that’s a good fix when it comes to adults; but what about kids? You’re not going to be there around them all the time to remind them to drink water. So here are some interesting ways that will make your kids drink water without being told to! Sounds impossible..? Well, it’s actually not.

  1. Make water visible & accessible: If they see it they’ll sip it! That’s the mantra you should follow. Place it strategically in their rooms, serve at the table for every meal & place water on low-level coffee tables in the living room.
  2. Make it fun: Use funky & colourful cups & straws. Leverage the endless & creative water bottle options that will get them to drink water while they flaunt their new bottle in front of their classmates.
  3. Give it a fruity twist: Fresh fruits juices -watermelon, melons, oranges, grapes-keep surprising them with new & different flavours. And encourage them to help you make the juice. Children love mixing, make it a fun activity. This will get them to drink more healthy fluids. Avoid sugary, aerated drinks.
  4. Homemade popsicles: popsicles are easy to make and will keep them hydrated. They make for great summer refreshments and motivate children to keep themselves hydrated. In fact, they can make them on their own.
  5. Try and keep them indoors especially during 12 pm & 4pm. This is difficult to do, especially during the summer holidays; you need to get creative. Get them interested in some board games, or even reading. Even hobby or art classes indoors will keep them occupied and protected from the heat.