5 Quick Ways to Calm a Crying Baby


Babies have a limited set of tools to convey their needs and get our response. Crying is one of those tools. Usually, babies cry for as much as two-three hours in a 24-hour period. They may cry for many reasons like-

  • hunger
  • dirty or wet diaper
  • boredom
  • gas
  • teething
  • sleeplessness
  • pain 
  • food allergy

So before you start to calm your baby, try to find the reason behind its cry. Rule out the obvious culprits and still if you don’t figure out the reason, opt for these quick techniques-

Take a deep breath and stay calm: The foremost step to calming your baby is to calm yourself first. Take a moment to understand your baby’s needs and calmly act upon those needs. Shallow breathing could make the situation worse. A simple technique you can use to calm yourself is- sit back, close your eyes and put your hands on the tummy and follow every breath.

Swaddle the baby: Swaddling your baby in a large blanket would make it feel secure and cozy. It gives the baby a womb-like feeling. Swaddling would settle down your baby faster and it will sleep longer.

Change the environment:  Sometimes a change of scenery is all your baby needs. Walk around the house or just go outside. Fresh air, change in temperature, sight, sound and environment is likely to improve your baby’s mood.

Try white noise: White noise soothes the baby by giving it a feeling of rhythmic whooshing sounds of the womb.  Turn on the fan, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, or get a white-noise machine. You can also download an app.

Put out the lights: At times, the baby can get overstimulated by excess light and noise. Blocking these factors would instantly soothe the baby. One of the most effective ways to soothe your baby is putting it in a completely dark room.

With experience and practice, you’ll slowly start understanding your baby’s cues and cries. Also, as the baby would grow up gradually it’s crying would reduce.

Above all, try to be patient because you got this!