5 Simple Household Chores for Children

5 Simple Household Chores for Children (The older generation would probably react in disagreement  at making children do household chores! However nowadays with both parents working, the dynamics of family life has changed with every member pitching in to help run the household. Getting children to start helping out at a younger age is advisable because they will do so willingly and happily.

As a parent you may wonder when would be the right age to get your child started on small chores.  Ideally the best age to start would be when they are around 3 years old. Here we will take a look at the chores that are best suited for your child between the ages of 3 to 6.

5 Simple Household Chores for Your Child

Start small keeping in mind their age. The objective here is to give them a sense of responsibility and make them self-reliant, not burden their young shoulders. Also get your child to carry out the chores everyday so that they get used to it as part of their daily routine.

  • Setting the Table – This chore is best suited for 5-6 year olds. They can help you set the placemats, plates, glasses and cutlery.  However to avoid injury ensure they don’t carry anything breakable or sharp edged. Also carrying dishes should wait until they are a bit older. 
  • Helping the Elders – Fetching and carrying newspapers, shawls etc for grandparents will be a great way to develop your child’s bond with their grandparents. Something like looking for lost spectacles can be turned into a fun game where everyone has a good time. In this way without even realising it your child learns how family members should help and support one another. 
  • Picking up After Themselves – Start with getting your 3 year old to pick up their toys and put them away after they are done playing with them. Set up a basket where they can put the toys.  When they turn 4 you can take it one step further by getting them to set their storybooks back on the shelf (which is set at their level). Just play it by ear and increase the number of things you get them to pick up after themselves depending on how they are managing (heavy things are out of the question).  This is the perfect way to inculcate discipline and a sense of responsibility in your kids. 
  • Watering Indoor Plants – Get your child their very own mini watering can and involve them in watering indoor plants. You could start by assigning them one plant (set at their level) which they have to water every day. Putting your child in charge like this is another way to instill in them a sense of responsibility.  
  • Putting away Groceries – Your child can hand you vegetables and small grocery items from the shopping bag as you put them away. In fact you can take your child along when you go grocery shopping, and teach them in a fun way interesting facts about vegetables and fruits.  This makes it more fun for your child and enables you to spend quality time with them.

So go ahead, get your child involved in simple chores and see how they enjoy helping out and spending time with the family.