5 Tips to Help Your Toddler be More Comfortable with a Hair Wash


27th (2)Toddlers generally do not enjoy having their hair washed and most times start to cry as soon as the water is poured on their head, the reasons for this could be:

  • During previous washes, shampoo may have entered their eyes and caused a burning sensation, due to which they may panic every time shampoo is applied to their hair.
  • Having water run down their faces and get in their eyes, ears, and mouth may also scare toddlers.

These may be the reasons why your toddler is also averse to having their hair washed, so let us look at a few tips to get your toddler to be more comfortable with it. 

  1. Mild Shampoo – a mild shampoo that is gentle on the hair and does not irritate your toddler’s delicate scalp and skin will be the right choice for your toddler.
  2. Protective Gear – There are different types of shampoo visors (also known as shampoo caps/hats) available in the market which ensure that the shampoo does not trickle down to your little one’s face during bath time. You can also use your toddler’s swimming goggles to protect their eyes. To prevent water from getting in their ears, kids size earplugs can be used (some shampoo visors also have attached ear protectors).
  3. Distraction – Keeping your toddler occupied during bath time also helps in making the process less distressing for them. Bath time toys like little rubber ducks, boats, etc are fun and this also serves as a lovely bonding activity where you can create stories around the toys and make it fun for your toddler. Listening to you will also give them a sense of confidence and a feeling of security, a little fun and laughter makes every situation more enjoyable for your little one.
  4.   Shampoo – It is advisable to pour a little shampoo onto your palm and rub both palms together to create a rich lather before applying on your toddler’s head.  This prevents any excess shampoo trickling down your toddler’s face.
  5. Frequency of Wash – Reducing the frequency of hair wash will also make your toddler more comfortable with bath time, so it is absolutely fine to wash your toddler’s hair only two to three times a week.

By taking these precautions it is possible to make hair wash time more comfortable for your little one and thereby ensure the two of you’ll enjoy bonding over bath time.