5 Top Tips To Get Your Kids To Eat Their Veggies

Have you ever wondered why veggies are not a favorite with children? Despite being colorful, relishing, exciting, and good-looking, vegetables hardly get our children’s attention. Isn’t that a reason big enough for parents to worry about? Irrespective of all the efforts to make it tasty and appealing, children prefer chips, chocolates, and soft drinks to veggies. 

To help our children stay fit and immune to diseases, they should have an optimum intake of nutrients. And if parents consider this as a creative opportunity, making kids eat veggies will be a piece of cake. 

Tip 1- Bite-size Pieces

Children prefer food in small sizes for the convenience of eating. Cut them into attractive-looking pieces to urge them to eat, even without uttering a word.

Tip2- Create Magic With Veggies

Often mashing and shaping vegetables to deep fry or baking is an engaging experience for kids. Involve children in this transformational experience, and they would love to eat and serve what they made. Boiling and pureeing is another trick, just like blanching and squashing vegetables. Make sure you create an ambiance to hold their attention during the process.

Tip3- Involve Kids In Cooking

You can cash on your child’s inquisitive nature. If your child has a favorite veggie dish, invite them to the kitchen to prepare the same. Ask your child for creative culinary inputs, and remember to appreciate their contribution. Just be mindful not to mess it up at any stage.

Tip4- Mix Veggies in Their Favorite Food

Sometimes a garnishing with shredded veggies can bring a tasty twist to your child’s favorite dish. Let the quantity be less that it doesn’t put your child off. 

Tip 5- Be a Role Model

Children usually do what others do. If they see you eating salads, they would want to try them themselves too. Popeye, the sailor man, was once a role model for toddlers who loved the cartoon character. A can of spinach gave him the muscles to save his friend from the wicked enemy. Similarly, you can cook up a believable story about yourself to encourage your child to eat vegetables.