5 Ways to Show Love to Grandparents


The Indian culture is a very inclusive one. More so, when it comes to our grandparents. Grandparents nurture our lives in the most loving way possible. They don’t have the urgency of getting grandchildren disciplined, they bring in a whole world of traditional values to us and they are simply the most amazing human beings on earth.

And how can we repay them for all that they give us unconditionally? Simple, just follow the steps below religiously and watch how they beam with pride!

  1.  Keep them updated about all important events in your life. With technology pervading our lives more than ever, let’s make good use of the phone or skype. Keeping them abreast of smaller details in life like your baby’s first steps, her college result, a new friend, etc will make them feel important enough to have shared this information with.
  2. Invite them to important events. Grandparents may not always live in the same city as you. Mark important occasions like birthdays of your children, graduation or family get togethers to invite them over. Grandparents like to feel needed, so even when you need help with moving or adjusting to a new baby, don’t hesitate to call for help.
  3. Acknowledge their love thorough little gestures. If grandparents live far away, always acknowledge the gifts and the cards they send by communicating with them. Send them return cards or courier some Diwali or Christmas gifts to them. Remember them frequently and show them when you do.
  4. Send them pictures because a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. If your grandparents know how to operate email, great! Id they are on Facebook, even greater! If not, why not enlist someone to teach them or get it on their phone so they can receive and send pictures easily. Incase that can’t be done, trust the good old speed post!
  5. Visit them. It may not always be possible, but remember nothing can replace a summer spent with grandparents. It allows them to get to know their grandchildren better and vice versa. After all, both parties deserve each other’s love at least once in a year. And nothing can beat a warm hug or an animated game between grandparents and grandchildren.