6 Steps To Build Resilience in Children

Do you sometimes worry about how your children will cope in a world filled with challenges? As parents, it’s natural to be concerned, but there are steps you can take to help your child cope better. 

Stress factors are part and parcel of life. It’s all about how well you help your child manage stress and prepare them for the future. Let’s look into some ways to build resilience in children.

  1. Support Your Child

You may encourage your child, motivate them to do well, help them face challenges, and boost their confidence by appreciating their courage. Make sure they are not alone during challenging times. The love and support of a parent or teacher is pivotal to building resilience in children. 

  1. Tell Them Who Their Fans Are

Children may have secret admirers like their uncle, aunt, cousin or grandparents. Whenever they comment on your child’s achievements, tell them about it. It will build their confidence, self-esteem and their motivation to face challenges as they grow.

  1. Exercise

Children need physical activities to vent out their emotions and relax. Exercises are super stress busters as it increases the neurochemicals in the brain. 

  1. Build Optimism

By exposing children to positive experiences, they will become optimistic and approach challenges in a positive way. Make them realise the value of what they have rather than lose hope in what they lost. 

  1. Practise Mindfulness

Though the term may look heavy, you can try engaging your child towards mindfulness. It helps your child see or enjoy the current moment without any judgement and focus on the present.

Children are happily present in what they do. However, as they grow, they lose access to this calm state of mind or being in the present. Conscious efforts to build mindfulness can help children be resilient. 

  1. Mirror Your Resiliency

If you are good at coping with stress, share the experience with your children. They would love to be a hero like you. Just give them a chance, and they too will learn to mirror your resilience.