6 Tips To Keep Children Safe Online

Did you know that two-thirds of parents in the US believe that parenting has become exhausting because of technology? Not just in the US, parents everywhere are coping with a struggle of a sort that was unheard of until a couple of decades ago. 

Children use the internet for various reasons. However, not all are safe in the process. As parents, though you know the world is a tough place to exist without technology, especially the internet, there are definite ways to keep your children safe online.

  1. Fix A Time

Children should know that they can use their gadgets to browse or play only for a specific time. You can discuss this point with your child and make them aware of the rule. Caution them that the rule broken will have its consequences.

  1. A Central Location

Place the computer or the laptop at a central location in your house so that even when you are not in the child’s close vicinity, you can still have an idea of what your child is watching. 

  1. Security

Install security software to avoid online risks. Enable parental controls and filtering on all devices your children use. Show them how to use security and privacy settings to block or report unwanted content. It’s wise to tell your child not to share passwords even with their best friends.

  1. Be Updated 

Children are quick to download a new app or a game. As parents, you should stay abreast of the pros and cons of apps or games available online, especially the free ones. Be mindful that children can outwit you by storing the apps in a folder on their desktops so that you can’t see them unless you spend some time on their device.

  1. Model Good Practice

Remember to lead by example. When you are at home, make sure that you dedicate more time for personal interactions and less screen time. Children always learn from their surroundings and you have a key role to play.

  1. Gadget-free Dinner Table

Dinner time is when everyone gathers for a relaxed meal. Enjoy it with your family and encourage your children to talk to you about their day. You will be surprised by the exciting stories they share. Make it a routine, and children will thank you for that priceless time you made them for them.