6 Ways To Avoid Helicopter Parenting

Do you shadow your toddler every time? Direct your child’s behaviour and deny them their alone time? Do you help your high school child with assignments, projects which they can complete on their own? If the answer is yes, you are in helicopter parenting mode.

Parents intend to protect their children from the probable consequences. However, in the long run, helicopter parenting may result in problems rather than solutions. Avoiding it is beneficial to you and your child. Let’s see how.

  1. Don’t Think For Your Child.

Parents these days believe in answering all questions that their children pose. Let them think for themselves. Ready-made solutions for problems they haven’t faced before will keep them in a comfort zone, which could be far from reality. 

  1. Be Positive

Don’t make children the central point of your anxiety and worries. Try not to foresee all negative outcomes for your child. The future is unpredictable, and as a parent, you can prepare them for it through positive reinforcement.

  1. Allow Decision Making

From a young age, allow your child to make small decisions for themselves. It will improve their confidence, and you can concentrate on things that are important for you.

  1. Promote Problem Solving Skills

When your child is in trouble, observe and interfere only when necessary. If your child can handle the situation on his or her own, allow them. It is a great way to foster problem-solving skills in your child.

  1. Allow Risk Taking

Fear of failure activates the protective parent in you. Children should be permitted to try new things or take small risks. Sometimes it may end up in mistakes, but it’s a brilliant way for children to learn. 

  1. Don’t Take Arguments Personally

As children grow up, they may have their opinions. Remember not to shut them down when they have ideas that are different from yours. You will be able to invite them to suggest more when you do not take these conversations personally.