7 Self Care Routines For Your Kids

Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you. 

Katie Reed

Self-care is basic care that you give yourself from the time you wake up till you sleep. It is daily nourishment that keeps you going. When it comes to creating a self-care routine for your children, it is all about what you do.

Initially, children learn self-care routines from adults. As they grow, they learn from their surroundings and friends. Practising self-care at a young age helps them to be independent and be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. 

Read on to discover a few self-care routines for your kids.

  1. Assist Them.

Don’t you help your children with brushing their teeth and cleaning them up every morning? It is one of the foundations of self-care routines for your children, and slowly you may notice how they want to do it all by themselves. Reinforce the benefits of self-care routines and encourage your children to follow them.

  1. Be a Role Model

Children learn from their parents or other elders around them. If you have a habit of working out, being in meditation or going out for a walk in the morning, children will observe this. You can motivate them to join your routine. Casual and consistent discussions over the benefits of morning routines will create positive thoughts in children. As they grow up, they will begin healthy routines for themselves. 

  1. Healthy Diet

Children should eat nutritious food for a healthy body and mind. They should also keep their body hydrated. With a balanced diet, children remain active throughout the day.  Talk to them about the advantages of eating healthy food. Try reading out articles from magazines or books and show videos or cartoons about the benefits of a healthy diet.

  1. Technology at the Right Dose.

In the digital era, you see children glued to their tablets and mobile phones for long hours.  Set a time limit for screen usages and no devices before bed. Giving enough rest for the eyes is very important. With your guidance and constant supervision, children will learn to use technology in the right way and for the right purpose.  

  1. Physical Activities

Physical exercises or outdoor activities are necessary for your child’s overall wellness.  Take them to parks or playgrounds so that their body needs are also taken care of. This gives them an opportunity to understand that staying fit is one of the best ways to care for themselves.

  1. Family Time

A family mealtime every day is the most ideal for a chat with your children. Let them talk about their day at school, serve and share food, enjoy their meal and share household chores by tidying up the dining table or keeping aside the vessels. Caring for others is also a way of self-care.

  1. Follow a Regular Bedtime

Make your children go to bed on time regularly. Tell them the importance of good sleep after an activity-packed day. Give them comfortable clothing to wear and even develop a habit of reading or taking a warm bath before they sleep. Remember to appreciate them for their efforts and tell them you are proud of their accomplishments.