A Short Baby Bible – Every Parent Must Remember


Having a new baby is probably the most wonderful experience of anyone’s life, especially if you just start a new family and have always wanted to become a parent. A baby could be the source of happiness in any home, but if the inexperienced parents really don’t have a clue of what to do with the baby, then the little one could instead become the source of frustration.

Trying to know what the baby wants could be the most frustrating moments for new parents, especially when the baby just won’t stop crying. There are just so many possible scenarios with the baby that can make new parents feel overwhelmed. The first few weeks or even the first few months could be really intense, and for new parents, these are the crucial moments where they could really use some valuable knowledge about how to handle a baby.

Actually, there are so many great sources of information around you, if you just look at the people who really close to you, like your mother, grandmother, or your sister and friends who already have children, they can actually provide you with valuable information based on their own experience. Even better if they live close to you, they probably can come by and show you exactly what to do.

The experts at the hospital also can give you some great information. At the hospital after the labor, you can use the time to learn from your doctor and nurses about how to care for your baby the right way. From the nurses you can learn a lot, like how to hold, bathe, and burp the baby. Usually in the hospital there are also lactation consultants and feeding specialists that can give you specific information about bottlefeeding and nursing your baby.

To get you started, here is an infographic that can show you some of the most important things you should know when you have a new baby.

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