Adapt Yourself To Adopt Children!


Adoption, once upon a time carried a lot of stigma, thereby depriving couples from fulfilling their lifetime wish of becoming parents. But that is slowly changing. Education & awareness are slowly lifting the stigma of adoption and couples have been given many opportunities to adopt. In fact, adopting internationally too is becoming common.

However, adoption is different from the normal and so parents should consider different parenting styles. Here are some tips:

  1. Fix & Follow A Routine: Chart out each day with the help of a routine. Children feel more secure with something predictable & stable. They are also more like to adapt to change if any if they follow a routine. If parents also follow a routine the house will be far less chaotic and children will have peace of mind which gets them comfortable with your home.
  2. Embrace Child’s Past or Traditions: Remember, your child had a family or adoption center before he/she came to you. Acknowledge the child’s learning or culture be it celebrating festivals, eating a particular cuisine or any other cultural habit; this will help build a sustainable & meaningful relationship with the child.
  3. Develop New Interests & Abilities: When you adopt a child you also adopt certain aspirations or desires which the child has. You need to make yourself capable to fulfill those. For eg, if the child has had interest in a particular sport you will have to learn the game so that you can share the child’s dream.
  4. Create An Environment That Encourages Learning & Growth: When you follow a routine, your home environment is less susceptible to chaos and more open to learning & growth. A peaceful environment encourages one to be more mindful, aware and open to innovation, ideation & dialogue. Your child would have had a different academic environment before adoption and as a parent, it is your responsibility to adapt to that kind of system if it was a good one! If not, engage with the child and help him/her to adapt to the system of learning which has worked you as a child. But this interjection has to be done slowly with patience, dedication & of course love!