Baby Weaning Recipes For Your Growing Baby

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Switching on to solid foods for your baby? Here are some recipes you could try and make the introduction to food, for your baby, more flavoursome.
Apple Sauce: if you want to try something apart from apple cereal, apple sauce is a good option. Apple being a non-seasonal fruit makes it accessible at all times and is an easy option. Peel the apples, cut them into chunks, place them into a pan of water, enough to make them soft but not soggy. Stir on a medium flame, once they are soft enough mash them thoroughly. To make them more consistent you can use a masher with a little water added. If the pediatrician agrees, you can add cinnamon for taste.

Rice Cereal: Cereal has always been the traditional option and the rice cereal is one of the easiest & healthiest options. Boil one of water and boil. Add ¼ th cups of rice powder(which can be ground in the mixer before adding). Keep stirring and whisking and let it simmer for about 10 minutes. You could add breastmilk or formula to enhance consistency. Let it cool and serve.

Banana Puree: Bananas are protein pals no doubt but too much of it can cause constipation. In terms of effort or time, it as easy or quick as peeling a banana. Microwave the banana to soften it. Mash with a spoon or in the mixer. Add some breastmilk or formula for consistency.

Ragi Porridge: Let’s go back to our roots! South Indian staple and one of the most nutritious foods(rich in calcium rice, vitamins B1 to B3), that not many people in the world know about-Ragi/Finger Millet. If you are introducing Ragi to your little one, ragi porridge is the best way to do it. For sweet ragi porridge mix water, milk & (ragi) flour, break lumps, if any, and cook on a low medium flame. Stir constantly to avoid lumps. Switch off after 10 minutes when it is done and you notice consistency, add sugar/jaggery for taste and milk for more consistency. For a salty porridge, you can add salt & butter milk instead of sugar/jaggery. You can season it for flavour with cumin, curry leaves, and coriander leaves. Stir and serve.