Benefits Of Growing Up With A Sibling

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There was a time when having more than one baby was the norm and having one baby was more of a concern. But today, with rising inflation, exorbitant costs attached to baby care & education, parents are thinking twice about having more than one child. It may sound like a fair enough reason for rearing a single child, but there many reasons why your child needs to grow up with siblings-here are some:

  • Children with siblings are more likely to pick up values like giving, sharing, compassion than single children who have all the focus on them and never need to share; be it toys, clothes or just feelings!
  • Generally, children with siblings mingle with people faster, make friends easily & find it easy to converse. Since they grow up with a brother or sister, opening up, talking, conversing comes very smoothly to them. They are less conscious of themselves and express more freely.
  • Having a playmate at home is not only fun but can give more scope to be creative and imaginative. More than one mind thinking always leads to more ideas.
  • Compassion is becoming rare with people these days. Everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere in life that they don’t mind ignoring others and leaving them behind. When you have a sibling, you are raised to think about the other, the idea of, ‘what is mine is yours’ is often seen in siblings and they eventually grow up only to extend that idea to people in their life; thus becoming compassionate & sensitive human beings.
  • The younger sibling always learns from the elder one. Good and bad, of course, but in the long run, there is someone to encourage, advise and support. The younger one learns from the elder’s mistakes and is also inspired by the elder. The elder will always look towards supporting and advising the younger one based on his/her life experience. This nurturing behaviour strengthens their bond. A bond built on inspiration & spirit which makes them confident and good-natured beings.

Growing up as a single child definitely has its own charm, but if there is anything missing, you now know what it is!