Benefits of Having a Dog as Part of the Family

Until a couple of years ago, a dog in an Indian household was considered a guard who kept us away from anti-social elements of our society with its incomparable brilliance. Today they are the much-wanted friend within a home for this super-canine power to relieve humans from stress, blood pressure, and anxiety. Sounds unbelievable? It’s true. These  furry guards are now furry angels- also called therapy dogs.

We live in a world where compassion and companionship are scanty virtues. When people ceased to understand the value of being together, pets took over as caregivers and stress fighters. Probably why someone said long ago that a Dog is a man’s best friend.  As parents, you can buy a pup or adopt one for your children to teach them the significance of caring for another living being, responsibility, mature thinking, and reasoning skills. The benefits are endless, let’s check them out.


Bringing up a pup is as critical as bringing up a baby. You can give your children small responsibilities like giving them water at intervals, cleaning their sleeping area, or checking their vaccination dates. Children become more observant and note progress like adults who care for other living beings. They wouldn’t want to leave them alone when no one is at home. Children will think of other alternatives to keep their pets comfortable above everything else.

Learn Unconditional Love

No matter what happens, a dog shows its owner unconditional love. It teaches children that love is the only healing mechanism when someone is low or demotivated. A dog’s presence or care shows it accepts you the way you are. Learning becomes mutual with a pet at home.

No Stress

Research shows that having a dog removes stress and lowers cortisol levels in both pet and the owner. 


When children care for a dependent animal they become empathetic naturally. They will think twice before making a decision. And that’s a great virtue to see in our children as it gives everyone hope for a great future.