Best Ways to Prepare your Firstborn for a Sibling.

The beauty of a family lies in the connection it brings between all its members. How effortlessly it happens depends on the adults. When a new baby is on his or her way into the family, it’s natural for some abnormal feelings in the elder child. 

Handling your firstborn won’t be a challenge if you devote time and effort wisely. While most children are happy to play big sister or brother, others may take time. So why not help your elder child transform gracefully? Read on to discover the best ways to prepare your firstborn for a sibling.

The Baby Will Arrive

Tell your child the news that they will have a new baby brother or sister at home soon. Sometimes they may not understand what a baby is. Show them a baby doll or real pictures to convey the message. Your child may ask doubts about when the baby will arrive. Try to relate it to a season, festival or a birthday they already know. The point is you need to answer their questions.

Handle with Care

There are chances that the firstborns start feeling less valued in the family. When they don’t get enough time with their moms, children won’t come to terms with it immediately. Just talk and listen to them patiently when they throw tantrums. Be extra cautious not to make them feel bad for their behavior.

Build the Connection

Take your child along with you for your scans or checkups. Show them the baby’s movement and read books about childbirth with them. As the days pass, let your child help plan with their sibling’s name, furniture, clothes etc. 

Smooth Relationship

Children should feel you love them even when you’re preparing to welcome the new baby. They may test you. Make them feel secure in your love. It will avoid any conflict when the baby finally arrives.

First Visitor

Let your child be the first visitor to see the baby. Make sure it is a private affair and watch your firstborn’s natural reactions. The first meeting could be emotional so stay in tune with their feelings.

Mama’s Little Helper

When your child volunteers to help you take care of the baby, welcome their help to fetch diapers, bottles, toys or even push the stroller. Though it may take time getting the extra hands, let them enjoy the role of being mama’s helper.