How To Win The Bril Reseller Contest

Become a Bril Reseller NOW! Take part in the Bril Reseller Contest &

Give yourself a chance to win the Grand Prize of Rs. 50,000/- worth of Bril products!

Plus Bonus prizes: 5 Brilslate Android 4.0 Tablets

Yes! You have 100% resale rights on your prizes too!

Follow the 3 simple steps below and you are on your way to becoming a winner!

Step 1. Register for the BRIL Reseller Program

Sign up for the Bril Reseller Program by completing the application form and purchase formalities. If you are already part of the program, congratulations! You are one step closer to winning the Bril Reseller Contest. Becoming a Bril Reseller is a fantastic home-based business opportunity. Becoming a Bril Reseller is really easy and just requires a Rs. 4400/- ONE TIME investment in awesome Bril products! Yes, there is no obligation whatsoever to make any further purchases. You buy only if you need the products or to resell to a customer who has paid you!

TAKE ACTION: CLICK HERE to register: . You can also download the application form, fill it, sign it and courier it to us with a cheque for the products you wish to purchase as part of your qualifying purchase.

Step 2. Invest in at least one of the following Bril Products: Brilslate, Brilrider, Brilbooster, Brildiapers

Any venture requires you to make a minimum investment and then turn it into profits. Good news! The Brilslate, Brilrider, Brilbooster and Brildiapers are world class products which  have lots of satisfied customers, and has the potential for you to to easily turn your investment into profits. After you sign up for the Bril Reseller Program, you will have complete access to make this investment profitable. Not interested in selling? No problem, just buy Bril products for yourself and your little ones! For example, if you have a baby, you need diapers right? Why not save by becoming a Bril Reseller and buy Brildiapers at deep discounted prices? And the fringe benefit? You may just win the Bril Reseller Contest!

TAKE ACTION: Invest in at least one of these products. If you are just signing up to become a Bril Reseller, make sure one or more of these products is part of your first purchase.

Step 3. Buy and Use or Buy & Sell the Qualifying Bril Products!

The participating Bril reseller who achieves maximum primary sales (i.e. buys maximum Bril products during the contest period after participating) of the qualifying products mentioned in Step 3 wins the Bril Reseller Contest! Yes, you can win even if you just buy and use Bril products if you buy most during this period. The choice is yours whether you want to become a Bril Reseller to make a profit or just to save huge when you buy awesome Bril products. Either way you win. We have removed the difficult tasks of writing reviews etc. after we received feedback from many of our resellers. Yes, we will track online and offline purchases (Primary Sales) during the contest period and total them to find the winner. The Bones Prizes will go to the 5 next best performing resellers! Simple Right? Get started Now!



Terms & Conditions

  • The assortment of prizes worth Rs. 50,000/- may include all or some of the following products: Brilslate, Brilrider, Brildiapers, BrilBooster, Bril Stationery Kits in varying numbers as decided by IRC amounting to a total value of Rs. 50,000 (MRP)
  • This contest is open to Bril Resellers who are 18 years of age or above and residents and citizens of India
  • Contest is open only to Bril Resellers who have fulfilled all joining formalities and have officially made their first purchase of Rs. 4400/-
  • Contest is only for select products mentioned in Contest Qualification section (i.e. Brilrider, Brilslate, Brilbooster and Brildiapers)
  • Sales considered for the contest are online and offline primary sales (Sale from Industrial Research Corporation -Bril to the Resellers) achieved during the contest period.
  • Contestants will have to make do with other products in case of stock non-availability of one or more of the qualifying products
  • Winners will be chosen based on the Primary Sales Value of qualifying Bril products he/she is able to achieve (Purchase by resellers is called a Primary Sale). Value of sales achieved by the winning Bril reseller may not be published for confidentiality reasons.
  • Industrial Research Corporation (Bril), its management, employees and partners shall not be responsible or liable in case of any physical, mental or other injury / adverse impact due to participation in this contest
  • The contest is open to Indian Residents who are above the age of 18 years. Participants agree that they are participating in the contest out of their own free will and indemnify Industrial Research Corporation (Bril), its management and partners against any liability arising out of participating in this contest or by becoming a Bril Reseller.
  • The prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or other consideration.
  • No License: Resellers are merely given limited permission to use Industrial Research Corporation’s (Bril’s) trademarks, product images etc. in reviews, social media etc., for purposes of promoting Bril products and brands as a reseller. They may only use authorized logos, product images and trademarks available in the Business and Marketing Tools page on . No license or rights shall/has be granted to resellers to make any claims over trademarks and IP of Industrial Research Corporation (Bril). All trademarks belong solely to Industrial Research Corporation and no Reseller can claim any ownership whatsoever over Industrial Research Corporation’s Intellectual Property including but not limited to Trademarks, Product Images etc.
  • Decision of the judges and Management of Industrial Research Corporation shall be final.
  • Contest is not open to Employees of Industrial Research Corporation and associates who are privy to contest information
  • There will be no phone support for details on contest participation / winners etc.. All requirements for contest participating have been clearly enlisted in these Terms and Conditions and Step-wise participation procedures. There are no changes to The Bril Reseller program, and it continues to be available whether a Reseller opts to participate in this contest or not.
  • Contest ends on December 31, 2012.
  • Contest winners will be intimated through email, post and announced on the Bril Facebook page around the 2nd / 3rd week of January 2013.
  • Industrial Research Corporation may feature the winners and also use any / all reviews / testimonials (written and videos) for future marketing purposes without written consent from the winner / reviewer / reseller. Resellers agree to be featured (if deemed fit) in future marketing collaterals by Bril (Industrial Research Corporation).
  • All disputes subject exclusively to Courts in Bangalore, India only.
  • Facebook release clause: This contest does not involve or imply any partnership or association whatsoever with Facebook and indemnifies and releases Facebook from any liabilities.
  • Contest rules may be altered at any time. Contest may be withdrawn without notice.