Choose Smart Parenting over Smart Phones

Focus on how to give time - 28th Aug


Technology is necessary and inevitable in this world of growing distances and diminishing time, but once it starts dominating our spaces, relationships, and lifestyles, it becomes a dangerous addiction.Speaking of dominating relationships, gadgets have increasingly started replacing parenting. Demanding jobs are making it difficult for parents to spend time with children, thus making phones the go-to device for keeping children entertained and occupied. Tabs and phones are infested with games, which children get hooked on to, giving them no opportunity to explore the outside world, learn something new or just have a simple conversation with someone.

Following are some of the ways in which parents can give more time to their young ones:

Whenever you can, make sure you pick and drop your children to school or any other activity class they go to. This commute gives you more time with them. Gadgets are going to be there everywhere, but be stern about not using them while having a conversation. That also means as parents you too should refrain from doing so!

When you pick them up from school, instead of coaxing your child to talk, why don’t you begin sharing your day’s experience with them? Tell them something interesting about your work, something funny that happened in office that day, or something new you ate or did. The child will automatically want to share his/her day in school.

Make sure they eat at the table without any gadget near them. It is important for the family to sit together at least for one meal a day. Again, a good place to strike up a conversation, the dining table often leads to great sharing.

During the weekends try and engage them in activities, which do not need technology. Take them hiking, or to a museum or even the park/beach. When they step out they will learn to acknowledge the real world as against the virtual world.  Outdoor adventures are also great windows of learning, they stimulate their curiosity and inspire them to question and know more.

Involve them in household chores, they will not only pick up the chore, but it will also give you some time to talk to them, play or fool around with them. This will make the chore fun for them and also get them to spend time with you instead of a screen!

We all know parenting in this day and age is quite challenging. Not only because of hectic schedules, but also because of the exposure children get today. They have access to all kinds of information on the internet; you might not be able to stop that- but the time you spend with them will definitely help them make meaning of that information and use it appropriately.