Combating Your Children’s Screen Time During Lockdown.

Children are storehouses of energy. No one can stop them from venting out their pent up energy. However, the new normal has made them immobile with more screen time. With the changed mode of schooling and other engaging activities taking the shape of laptops, tablets, TVs and mobiles, children and adults are glued to their screens for an unlimited period. Here are some helpful tips to overcome excessive screen indulgence among children.

Set a time

Parents may often lay down rules when things do not go as per their terms. With little children, it is always good to include them in preparing their timetables. It helps children to understand what parents expect from them. Tell them about their permitted screen time. If continued use is observed, enable power off after the preset time.

Encourage hobbies and new skill-building

Children are curious by nature. So, take advantage of this. Give them a set of paintbrushes and paints along with objects to repair or reuse. Watch them enjoy the fun involved along with adults. You will be surprised how kids can be occupied without screens. These activities help parents to identify their interests and can encourage them more.

A Strict NO before bedtime.

Usage of mobile devices before bedtime should be restricted, as it allows better sleep and waking up early. Parents can read or narrate a story as it  redirect their minds towards imagination,  creativity, questioning and logical thinking. 

Dedicated play routine with children.

By engaging in daily play with children, they will look forward to the time with parents and stay physically active.  In the process, they would learn nuances of team building, group behaviour and fair play even without any formal training.

Permit boredom. 

Children, in general, are quick to feel bored. As soon as they finish a couple of rounds of video games, ludo or scrabble, they jump onto the next activity to stay engaged. Without the crutch of a mobile or tablet,  they would think of multiple ways to curb boredom. It would eventually lead to identifying solutions to various problems and thus enhance creativity.

Screen is not bad, some content can be.

Parents usually resort to electronic devices for children so that they get a break from their occupational stress.  Always ensure children get good content from their source of entertainment and learning gadgets. Parents can implement a control system by setting a child account on devices. This restricts inappropriate apps, games and websites. If children get an opportunity to improve their language skills and cognitive skills through dedicated screen time, it is worth it. 

Screen time is one of the many alternative solutions that came in handy to many children during the pandemic. Therefore, neglecting its positives wouldn’t be fair. However, a monitoring system, when enforced tactfully by parents, can help screens add value to your child’s life without the negative side effects.