Cultivating The Reading Habit In Your Toddlers

Cultivating The Reading Habit In Your ToddlersYou might think getting toddlers to read is unnecessary since they barely know or understand the written word. But think again. Reading transports them to a different world, it opens up their imagination; apart from exposing them to a new vocabulary, books expose them to a whole new world of stories, characters, and emotions.

How can you expose your little ones to the reading habit?

-Visit The Library: The library is a quiet and warm place for you and your toddlers to read through books. On a Saturday morning go to the closest library or rental bookstore and pick out books with your toddler. You can even read to your little one and peak his/her interest in the story and then rent it to read it back home.

-Make Reading Fun: Add some spice to your storytelling. Use props or dress up like one of the characters in the story. Take them for dramatic adaptations or story telling sessions performed at theatres or bookstores. Even cinematic adaptations will be fun. Take your children to movie adaptations of their favourite book it will be nice for them to experience their characters coming alive!

-Share Your Favourite Childhood Books With Them: Books are a great way to bond. Try and find the books you read in your childhood. That will give your kids a peek into your childhood and will motivate them to experience what you did when you read those books.

-Bedtime Stories: It’s when they’re toddlers you begin telling them bedtime stories. Make sure you take out time every night to enthrall your little ones with stories. Read out to them, make them curious about new words and what they mean. It’s a great way to bind with them. Allow your children to choose the story of their choice. If they choose a long one, even better! You can keep the suspense going for subsequent nights.