Dental Care For Your Child

Dental Care For Your Child

Oral care for children is one of the fastest growing sectors of dental care. Parents & dentists need to ensure that children learn to take care of their teeth at an early age. It is your duty as parents to emphasize the importance of dental care and at the same time use playful methods to get them interested in the same.

We tell you how to do so in this blog!

Visit The Dentist Regularly: Squeeze in a dental appointment at least once in 2 months. While in the waiting room spend some time teaching your kid something new about their teeth. Look at the diagrams on the walls of the clinic and share some fascinating facts with them about their teeth. This will reduce their anxiety about the visit to the dentist.

Brushing Teeth Twice A Day:  Make the brushing exercise more playful. Try to brush along with your children. Have a step-by-step process of brushing like starting with the upper teeth, moving to the right, moving to the left-this will ensure precision and all teeth will be brushed equally also you can make it like a game which will get them to be more focussed while brushing.

Avoid Putting Babies To Sleep With Formula or Milk In Their Mouth: It might hamper teeth growth and lead to gum problems, making a weak foundation for teeth growth.

Using The Right Toothbrush & Right Toothpaste: Make sure your kids use soft bristles to avoid bleeding of gums. Fluoridated toothpaste is the best for your child’s teeth; teach them how to spit it out once they are done brushing.

Keep A Check On Candies & Sweets: Of course, kids will be kids but it is our duty to protect their teeth and so we must regulate their chocolate or sweet intake which make their teeth a haven for germs & bacteria. Also, make sure they brush teeth well especially after consuming sweets.