Enjoy Winter with Fun Board Games & Activity Crafts


Winter’s here! It’s time to dust those board games and have a gala time with family and friends. Playing board games is not only a fun activity but in the process, children can learn a lot of strategies and it can help develop their brain as well.

Every craft or an activity book has its own way of teaching something new and improving children’s sensory skills. Not only a child’s individual development, but also his social skills are accelerated by various board games and crafts.

Here are some of the ways board games and activity crafts can help your children:

They introduce the concept of critical thinking

Board games cannot be played unless and until you think through your next move. It helps develop the functionality of critical thinking in your child and also helps them to learn to strategize.

Board games like monopoly, mastermind and chess help the kids develop their thinking abilities and help them think in different ways.

It is very essential that kids learn to think of new ideas or ideas that are out of the box from an early age and these board games provide an interesting and fun way to achieve the same.

They develop the habit of practice

Whenever kids get hooked on to a specific game or a craft, they always get inspired to learn to play it well or learn to excel in the activity. This can be a very useful tool to teach them the habit of practice.

Practice makes a man perfect – something the children will realize once they see that every game is an opportunity to improve from the previous one. This will motivate them to work hard towards everything and practice more.

Helps build concentration

Some board games like chess, mastermind etc. or some art forms like knitting, sewing etc. helps build concentration in the kids. Once the activity is taught to them, they will understand that to achieve good results out of it, they need to focus and concentrate on the task at hand.

Each and every activity that deals with patience also deals with focus. For example, board games like chess not only sharpen the children’s mind but they also teach them that with given concentration and focus, one can definitely achieve their goal.

Two-in-one = Education + Fun

These days, there are several board games and fun crafts that have huge educational benefits. There are games that contain mathematical formulas, scientific equations, alphabet based games for small children, geography games for kids etc. These games inspire the kids to learn in a fun way.

These games and crafts can be utilized to teach something useful to the kids and also to make their learning time fun for them.

In this growing era of mobile application and portable computers, children are slowly moving towards playing games over their parents’ mobiles rather than playing board games. As parents, we should slowly encourage playing more board games and learning new crafts so that they get to do things hands on while learning.