Exam Anxiety Getting You and Your Child Down? Be Prepared With These Tips

Exam Anxiety

With exam time around the corner, it is time to knuckle down and concentrate for children. And yet, we find that many of them are not able to put their best foot forward when it is actually their time to shine. Studies conducted on 100 school children by Indiaparenting suggest that 76% of them actually under-performed during exam time. Whereas their actual potential ranked much higher than their grades in exams.

Exam stress was rated as one of the top performance reducing catalyst. If you find your child facing the same trap, we have uncovered some brilliant ways to defuse stress.

Learn to identify the tell-tale signs of a performance anxiety

Butterflies in your stomach, shaky and sweaty hands, increased heart rate, etc are all symptoms of a performance anxiety. The anxiety of not being sure about one’s performance can quickly build itself into a very stressing situation.

Encourage your child to take breaks

Let him/her speak to someone frequently who will put things in perspective. Let the child know that exams are not the end of the world. There is life beyond exams and even though things look intense right now, it’ll soon change.

How to deal with performance anxiety

Firstly it is necessary to let your child know that everyone, including adults feel some pressure when it comes to testing. A little bit of stress does well by bringing in some seriousness and helping in concentration.

Re-assure your child that if they have followed a time table for their preparation and revision, it naturally follows that they will do well.

However, when stress starts getting out of hand, teach your child to take deep breaths and count to five while inhaling. This slows down the heart rate and helps the child calm down.

What if I forget everything I know?

This question has been the bane of many children’s exam time. As adults, we must admit we too have felt it as children. But rarely do we ever completely blank out in such a situation.

If your kid is constantly scared of forgetting everything that he/she has learnt, then it is time to remind them that they are only thinking about the worst. Sit them down and ask them to spell out the best that can happen. Another tip that may help is to recount how you as a child felt when you were younger. This helps your child to block the negative thoughts.

Accept Mistakes

And forgive mistakes as well. As a parent always ensure you are not too hard on your child.

Eat a healthy and balanced diet

This piece of advice is even more important when preparing for exams. Let your child eat fresh fruits and drink juice that will give your child lots of energy and will keep him alert.

Sleep well

Don’t let your child turn the bed into a study table. The bed is his/her sanctuary. Ensure your child, as well as you, get your required eight hours of sleep daily.