Exercise For Kids

Do you often find your little one plopped in front of the TV or mobile phone? Well, you’ll totally agree if we say that we had a more active childhood than our kids.

Be it cricket, football, kho-kho, tag me, hide and seek or just jumping on the couch; we ensured to have our share of physical activity.

While our cupcakes might not understand the importance of physical activity, coming up with fun exercise ideas will help them experience what we did in our childhood.

Studies suggest that regular physical activity can help children improve cardiorespiratory fitness, build strong bones and muscles and control weight.

So here are some fun exercise ideas that you can do with your munchkin:

Race up!

While you’re walking or climbing the stairs with your kid, just tell her, “lets race and see who wins.” This will get her going. Running is the easiest exercise that helps kids build strong bones while strengthening their muscles.

Hula Hoop

Kids absolutely love hula hoops. Get a hula hoop for your little one and yourself and start hooping with them. Hula hooping teaches kids how to wiggle hips, gain range of motion in the big joints, and have fun at the same time.


Just put on the music and start doing some dance moves with your bub. Zumba helps develop a healthy lifestyle by making fitness fun. It increases flexibility, improves neuromuscular co-ordination, boosts self-confidence and self-esteem and is a perfect stress reliever.

Jumping Jacks

With a number of variations, this one can go on and on. Jumps help in building your kid’s muscle strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness.


Ask your kid to hold your feet, set the timer and check the time at 10 sit-ups. Change positions and repeat. Whoever records the lowest time, wins.


Kids are born squatters and it helps them build endurance, self-confidence and strength. See who does the lowest squat or the most squats in 30 seconds.


Skipping engages both the left and right brain. Hence, making it an amazing brain booster. It also leads to improved functioning, balance and coordination.

In the end, ensure that you’re as enthusiastic as your little one while doing these exercises. Be it indoors or outdoors, turning exercise into a fun activity will do the trick for you.