Fighting Your Child’s Flu

Blog- 7th Nov

Winter brings with it serene misty mornings & energetic chilly evenings, but also brings with it 200 viruses ready to infect your kids with nasal congestion, cold & flu. Here are some home remedies to enjoy this festive winter with some home remedies:

Ensure Your Kids are Hydrated: Make sure your kids drink a lot of fluids-it will reduce the symptoms of cold & flu. It also prevents fever which is triggered due to dehydration. Apart from water, milkshakes or juices are tasty alternatives. Broth, ginger ale & herbal tea, though are options for adults, are good to treat cold or nasal congestion.Haldi doodh or turmeric milk is a classic treatment for the cold & sore throat.

Eating Healthy: They say, “Feast a Cold and fast a fever”. Nutritious food will provide energy & nutrients to fight the infection, keeping the flu in control. Foods like vegetables & fruits will help boost the immune system and relieve cold & flu symptoms. Soft foods for a sore throat are recommended.Vitamin C rich foods like oranges, tomatoes, strawberries broccoli & guava and Vitamin E rich foods like leafy vegetables like Spinach, brussel sprouts, almonds and whole grains are good options for treating flu. Fasting a fever some experts say boost the immune response- there isn’t much evidence to support this; with kids, it is always better they eat.

Consult your Pediatrician: Antihistamines, decongestants, and cough medicines don’t really help kids below 4 years old and in fact, make them vulnerable to a number of side effects. So, consult your pediatrician before giving your child such medicines.Humidifiers, on the other hand, help a lot. They will keep the air moist at night. Disinfect it and change the water everyday to avoid bacterial growth. They also help in reducing stuffiness.

Salt Water Gargling: This never fails and provides comfort for a bad & infected throat. Lukewarm & salt is a deadly combo and fights infection strongly. I teaspoon of salt & 8 ounces of water will do the trick.

Dress them Lightly: Don’t overwhelm with a lot of clothing. One of the common mistakes parents make is, in a bid to protect them from cold, cover them up profusely. This overheating isn’t good for a body fighting a fever. Light clothing covered with a light blanket will be enough. Make sure the child’s immediate surrounding is warm enough.

Don’t let panic get the best of you. A cold or flu is best treated at home with least dependence of medicines. Remember, you are not only fighting the flu but also, boosting the immune system of child-thus intending to sustain a healthy body for a healthy future.