Foods That Will Keep Your Body Warm

Blog _ 11th Dec

Misty mornings 7 early sunsets might be the treat that winter offers you, but winter also comes with flu, cold & other cold-related illnesses. So we give you a list of foods that will keep your body warm this winter:

A Bowl Of Heath!: Start with a healthy breakfast. A bowl of cereal with warm milk and dry fruits like figs, almonds, raisins & apricot. Give a twist to your cereal with porridge or oats and don’t forget the dry fruits!

Spices Are The Saviour: Indian cuisine by itself is very healthy. Spices like cumin seeds, fenugreek, pepper & dill seeds can become a part of your daily food this winter. Especially used with hot soups or hot beverages, these spices blend well and successfully open up nasal passages.

Ginger It Up: There is a reason why Tulsi is worshipped in the courtyards of many Indian homes. Its medicinal features make it a very realise ingredient in all cold-related medicines or syrups. Tulsi & ginger are great add-ons for your teas. For kids though they can be used in salads or dips.Ginger is great for a bad throat.

Roots & Leaves: Loaded with rich nutrients like beta-carotene & vitamin C, carrots, onions, spinach, green beans will not only keep you healthy & your body warm.

Whole Grain Cereals & Pulses: Bajra, jowar, ragi & Maize have become things of the past and have been sidelined as ‘rural food’. But this ‘rural food’ can sure help our weak urban bodies. Apart from being healthy winter foods, they are great antioxidants & help in digestion.

A Fat That You Need: Ghee has replaced by contemporary fats like cheese & mayonnaise. But ghee is the only fat one should never stop having. This healthy fat cuts the unwanted or bad fat in the body and helps you stay in shape. One tablespoon of 15g of ghee is a good way to begin your mornings.

Eat healthy this winter!