Fun in the Sun with Your Little One

Fun in the Sun with Your Little One


Summer holidays are almost upon us. Kids will be home all day. Now what?! How to keep your bubbly little children occupied, so you don’t hear “Mom, I’m bored!” – Words that every mother has dreaded since times unknown.

Read on to find out 6 summer time activities that you can plan with your kids even in the Indian summer. Yes, this list is totally meant for the harsh summers that we face every year.

1. Water Fight: This is a simple one. All you need are some spray bottles (the kind that home cleaning liquid comes in) and some water. Fill up the bottles with water and secure the cap. Hand it over to your child and head out your balcony or backyard to indulge in some serious water spraying battle. Children can be in one team and mom and dad can be the other team. It takes ages for the water to get over so enjoy this fight as long as the water lasts!

2. Family Bike Ride: Ever considered going on a family bike ride for some family bonding time? It’s a great way to explore the outdoors after being cooped up inside the house all afternoon. And oh! Don’t forget the sunscreen and bike safety gear!

3. Bury a treasure: Time capsules were quite the fad when we were growing up. Why not let your child select a treasure that he/she wants to bury? Select a spot in the garden and let them have a go at digging up the mud and burying their prized treasure.

4. Washing the car: Back in our days, we used to enjoy washing cars and blow soap bubbles. Enlist your child for this extremely fun activity and crank up the music for some extra fun. Let them get wet and dirty before you hose them down!

5. DIY Bird Feeder: The thing about bird feeders is that it brings the children close to nature and also engages them in the craft activity of making a bird feeder. Take a plastic water jug. Cut out a small hole on one side of the jug. Let your child decorate it with non toxic paint or simply stick some colorful paper shapes onto it. Fill it up with bird seeds (actually any seeds will do, even rice grains). Now hang it up on your balcony or your garden. Your children will love watching out for birds to discover this little feeder and once the birds do discover it, they will enjoy watching the birds feed. You could even make a small bird bath out of the plastic jug. Birds too need a cool bath in summers, you know!

6. Swimming lessons: If there ever was a good time to learn swimming and have fun in the sun, this is the time! Swimming is a great way to beat the heat and stay fit for you as well your child. You could swim as late as early afternoon!

There! We hope you are all set for summer with this great fun in the sun activities.