Has Your Baby Started Crawling? Here’s what you need to know.

Has Your Baby Started Crawling? Here’s what you need to know.Getting your camera ready for the priceless moment of your baby’s first crawl? Well, apart from your camera you got to get yourself ready too. Here’s what you can do to get baby crawling-ready:

Baby Proofing:

This has always been big in the US but Indian parents today are not taking chances. Child guards on latches of cabinets which they can reach,  padding for sharp edges, keeping hazardous, choking hazards away, installing wall-mounted stair gate,  et AL.

Don’t Get Alarmed When Your Baby Tries Different Things:

Babies like exploring this new ability.

Sometimes you may find them scooting, ie bottom first dragging on the floor. Don’t get worried unless you see your baby dragging only one side of the body. Make a trip to the pediatrician just in case.

Try And Get To Know More About The Act of Crawling & Its Role In Your Baby’s Development: For parents crawling might just be another photo-op but actually crawling plays a deep role in your baby’s cognitive & physical development. They learn to reach a goal by themselves which makes them more adaptable & independent. They learn how to navigate and also strengthens their joints & muscles.

Let Them Crawl At Their Own Pace. Crawling should be a fun time for parents and it’s also a great bonding time. Let your baby explore this new ability, don’t get too worried. Avoid getting stressed about how and where they’re going, they will be wary. They will look up their shoulders, they’ll turn around to look for you or just check out the place; all of this will strengthen their neck & shoulder area. Enjoy this time as long as it exists; it won’t last long 🙂