Help Children with ADHD Draw Their Way into Learning


Art is one of the best ways to get children to learn irrespective of their learning challenges. This is a great tool to use especially when you teach at a school. It becomes your most used and favourite teaching aid be it math, science, history, social studies, reading or language arts.

Art has the unique quality of enabling the child to absorb everything that is taught like a sponge. Children can visualise concepts and recreate them three dimensionally with the help of skills like drawing, painting, sculpting, singing or even writing. Art is one of the best stimulants for all their learning modalities, such as visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic.

We can take a look at an example of studying the rituals of ancient Egypt where an innovative way of doing so would be to ask the children to come up with their own rituals using music. You can showcase the relationship between fractions and musical eighth notes, quarters, and sixteenths when you have a math class on fractions and ratios. The children can let their imagination run free while creating murals exhibiting the different methods of feeding connections in an ecosystem while learning about the food web.

You get to see a number of budding songwriters when they write their own songs about the 10 energy sources and how they are different from each other. They improve their learning by teaching what they learn to the entire class.

Art allows children from all the academic tiers to work in harmony keeping them excited about what they are going to learn next. Music and arts are a boon to learning – challenged children who find it difficult to cope in school. Interactive learning helps them succeed. Most of the time they are unable to learn much through a lecture. On the contrary if they are fully engaged in the subject matter through acting, singing or drawing, what they learn gets etched into their memory.

Let’s not forget, Art makes everything a fun experience, learning included.