How Can Ginger Improve Your Baby’s Health?

How Can Ginger Improve Your Baby’s Health?As pollution levels keep rising, we become more and more vulnerable to chronic respiratory conditions and our hectic schedules too, force us to neglect our eating habits making us easy victims to digestive conditions. In such times superfoods like millets, ghee, turmeric, amla, makhana etc are always suggested to build immunity. But did you know that ginger

though not listed as a superfood definitely serves as one?

And most importantly, it helps babies too.


So, ginger is rich in Vitamin B6 & Vitamin C, sodium, phosphorus, iron, fibre and the list goes on. So you know it’s healthy but do you know how it can help your little ones?

Here are some ways in which ginger helps babies:

– Babies are always suffering gastrointestinal reflux, acidity and other gastro-related problems, ginger can help fight them easily. Ginger has traditionally been used to cure digestive problems especially those occurring in the intestines.

– Speaking of gastric problems, ginger is the perfect treatment for gastric ulcers that are caused by digestive acids, when a weak stomach lining fails to act as a protective shield.

-Intestinal gas, spasms, colic infections can be easily gotten rid off with some ginger and lemon juice. The lemon will help counter the intense ginger flavour. This juice will help prevent the baby from vomiting and will help settle the tummy. Ginger also helps as a great motion sickness reliever.

Now how do you give your baby ginger?

Remember babies are not strong enough to bear strong, pungent flavours. So, one should be safe about how and how much ginger one can give them.

-The first time you introduce your baby to ginger, make sure it’s as small as a seed and ground well.

-Avoid using honey along with ginger. The bacteria in honey can result in botulism in the baby.

-Lookout for symptoms of ginger allergy. One way to do that is by testing the reactions for four days before you make ginger a  regular constituent of your baby’s food.

-Ginger & water is a safe & healthy combo!