How Can New Mothers Improve Sleep?

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Sleep deprivation is common with new moms, which can affect their health and make motherhood a burden rather than a joy. These are some ways how new mothers can avoid sleep deprivation:

Be clear with your sleep needs with your partner and other people at home. Avoid taking up responsibilities and try to delegate more. Sometimes family members don’t understand the gravity of the situation, so it is better to discuss with them.

Don’t feel guilty about taking help. Taking help will mean finishing tasks faster, which will give your more sleep time.

If you are becoming a mom for the second time, there are times you will feel you are not giving time to the elder one and so will go out of the way to attend the child’s PTA or cultural programme. Avoid doing so. Learn to say no to your child but remember having a newborn at home means a lot of work which means, you will need a lot of rest.

So instead of giving up sleep time for a programme, think twice.

One of the oldest and most truthful fact-’Sleep when your baby sleeps’- which you find in all pregnancy guides & baby books, should be followed strictly. This is the only way you can enjoy unperturbed sleep.

However tempted you may be to return calls or clean the house, just put everything aside and lie beside you baby and sleep.

Postpartum depression or baby blues is quite common in new mothers due to lack of sleep. If you are experiencing symptoms, talk to your doctor. Sleep disorders like sleep apnea could also refrain you from taking short naps; make sure you speak to your doctor and get the required treatment.

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful and happiest experiences in the life of a woman, don’t let anything come in between you and your baby, especially not sleep.