How Can Parents Help Children Deal With Exam Results


While children scurry off for their holidays after every exam, there is still a nervous anticipation that lingers on every child and parent’s mind. How much will i/my son/daughter score?

Exams can be stressful and the results even more stressful; but if the parents want they can really try and put their mind and their child’s mind at ease.

Avoid setting unrealistic expectations: As a parent, it is certain that you are fully aware of your child’s potential. Base your expectations keeping that in mind; besides not everyone can be a top scorer and it is ok if they are not. Academics is just a small part of life!

Avoid comparisons: Comparisons can be very demotivating and will only increase stress. Every child is different and has a different specialty. Respect & celebrate this specialty.

Progress doesn’t always have to be quantifiable: Things like ‘i know you tried your very best’ will work much better than ‘how much do you think you expect?’. It is less stressful and will increase confidence.

Let them know you support them come what may: Let your child know that he or she can approach you whatever may be the result. It is important that your child doesn’t take any drastic steps due to unhealthy stress; so make sure you always have an open door policy and make yourself always accessible.

Share your personal stories back when you were a student. They will have something to relate to, in fact, it may inspire them and help them to stay confident & strong.

Your children should value hard work and that is why it is important that they understand that more than their performance it is them trying their best that makes all the difference. Academics is important no doubt, but it is not the only thing that defines a person!