How Can You Keep Your Child Safe On the Playground or On the Road?

How Can You Keep Your Child Safe On the Playground or On the Road?How safe is your child on the playground or while walking on the street? Here’s what you can do to ensure that your children stay safe on the playground and as pedestrians on the road.

Let’s start with their favorite place in the world-the playground!

  1. Take them to well-maintained playgrounds where swings and slides are not rusty.
  2. Make sure the playground has a strong security system.
  3. Lighting in the playground is important too. If you see it’s not functioning properly speak to the concerned authorities.
  4. Your child must be accompanied either by you or any other responsible adult.
  5. If your child wants to try something ambitious like a bigger slide, allow them to do so but be close enough and be vigilant.
  6. Make sure they’re dressed appropriately, for example, avoid something long which could get stuck to things in the play area.
  7. Get them used to set play- time; so that they know when they should be home. This will help as they grow older, so that when they start going home alone they’ll have a good understanding of curfew limits.

Now if you’re terrified of walking with your kid to the nearest kirana store or the park, we don’t blame you. Traffic has worsened over the years and there are some people who’re just waiting to break traffic rules; you’ll just have to be very attentive.

  1. Always, always, always, hold your child’s hand.
  2. Keep a lookout for vehicles that are backing up in the driveway or from parking areas.
  3. Start getting your child to look down and walk so that they’re aware of what they’re stepping into or over; this will avoid them tripping.
  4. Give them a basic understanding of traffic lights.
  5. Teach them basic pedestrian rules like how to cross the roads and or which side of the road must they walk.
  6. Define a safe play area for them, which is not a driveway.

Hope these tips keep you and your child safe and happy on the road or playground. After all, freedom must not be curtailed but it must be respected. These tips will allow children to  have a safe & happy childhood, just like they should.