How Colouring Can Be Therapeutic For Stressed Out Moms

How Colouring Can Be Therapeutic For Stressed Out Moms

Mothers have a lot going on, from dirty diapers to cooking all three meals for the family. They obviously deserve some down time and colouring could be just the activity for that. So how does colouring help?

Carl Jung was the first psychologist to use colouring as a relaxation technique for his patients. He got them to colour mandalas, which he believed “represented the inner process individuals used to grow towards fulfilling their potential for

Experts have time and again proved that colouring has a lot of scope to reduce stress & anxiety.

Colouring action involves different areas of both our cerebral hemispheres. It is both logical and creative. We logically choosethe way we want to colour and creativity is mainly about mixing and matching colours. So our vision & motor skills are used in the best way possible, thereby lowering the activity of a part of the brain which is responsible for controlling emotions. This way it relaxes that part of the brain.

Creativity sparks an immediate soothing effect on the brain.

For those having trouble with meditation, colouring can help increase focus & concentration. You stay mindful and relaxed, which is the exact state of mind one achieves after meditation.

The frontal lobes of our cranial cortex are generally the ones responsible for higher level activities & functions, like decision making & organisation.

Isn’t it great that something as basic as colouring can have great intellectual properties!

Colouring activates both our left & right hemispheres enhancing balance, problem-solving & fine motor skills. So, dear mommies, want to preoccupy your mind & body to some recreational & intellectual activity?

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